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Contrary to popular belief, a machine can think and trade successfully on your behalf without you having to do ANYTHING

Autopilot Analyzes over 150 markets daily and gives you maximum returns on your entries!

Don't have a trading strategy? No worries, Autopilot is the Strategy!

You literally do not have to do anything to make money!

Whether you're a Crypto novice or a seasoned professional, Autopilot is for you

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Frequently Asked Questions

Well, who cares? We have Autopilot on Planet Earth to make money with

You can get started in 3 simple steps

  1. Create an account on and if you haven't already
  2. Link your Binance to your Autopilot by creating API keys on Binance and adding them on Autopilot
  3. Turn on Live Mode Trading

First you have to login to your autopilot account. On the dashboard click on API binding, you will see a space for your public key and secret key.

Next, click on get your API key on binance, you will be redirected to your API Management page on

On your API management page, create a new API key by giving it a name or label. After that click on create. Your API key will then be created

Ensure to check the Enable Spot and Margin Trading option. Then go back to the autopilot tab on API binding

Copy your API keys and Secret Keys one after the other from Binance and paste them accordingly in the space provided in Autopilot and save.

Your trading investment will be deposited on your Binance account in your USDT Wallet. Technically, the minimum investment is $100. However, the bigger the capital the bigger the returns

Using lower investment amounts will take a long time to see reasonable returns. For example, starting with $20, might take you a week to see $5

Although there is a Free plan, it is limited however. Subscription on Autopilot will be required to get the most out of the app, please see our pricing plans

There are two ways in which users can make money with Autopilot

  1. Trading Cryptocurrency
  2. Referral program

The first way to make money with the Autopilot app is through trading with the robot from your available capital on your Binance account. The robot trades cryptocurrency for you based on your preferred investment amount and the ROI varies from 15-70% per month also based on your investment per trade.

The Autopilot referral or networking part of the program is also great because by referring others you get to earn passive income from your referral network by getting a percentage every time they make a subscription payment. Every single time! You can see your balance on your dashboard under your wallet balance. This can either be withdrawn to your USDT wallet or used to upgrade your own subscription plan.

Autopilot implements a 4 level network referral compensation structure. You can earn passively every time someone in your referral network makes a subscription payment. Here is a breakdown of how your network referral earnings are calculated;

  • 10% every time someone you directly referred(Level 1) makes a subscription payment
  • 5% every time someone referred by you(Level 2) makes a subscription
  • 3% every time someone referred by your Level 2 user makes a subscription (Level 3)
  • 2% every time someone referred by your Level 3 makes a subscription (Level 4)

Example: John makes a payment of $24 for Gold membership subscription. Let’s assume John was brought-in or referred by Mike, so Mike gets 10% which is $2.4. And if Mike was referred by Cynthia that means Cynthia also gets 5% which is $1.2. And if Cynthia was referred by Kate, Kate also gets 3% which is $0.72 and finally if Kate was referred by Garry, then Garry gets 2% which is $0.48.

Having lots of users on your network ensures you get accumulated referral benefits, for instance having 10 persons on your Level 1 ensures you always get $2.4 x 10 which is $24 whenever they all make a subscription payment every month and you also get commissions when their own network makes a subscription payment, up to 3 levels since they are already in your level 1.

This happens every time any user makes a subscription payment and funds are withdrawable to your USDT wallet. Funds are added to your Wallet Balance on Autopilot dashboard.

This means, if you have network of around 40 persons from Level 1 to Level 4, you could passively earn $300 to $700 monthly.

Autopilot is not an investment company, you are in total control of your funds on Binance, you only integrate your existing exchange account with the bot while you watch the robot trade for you.

Autopilot is definitely not a scam. It’s simply a tool that trades for you using funds in your own Crypto wallet on Binance and you subscribe to use the service

Your trading capital is safe because they are deposited on your Binance USDT wallet and Binance happens to be one of the safest crypto exchanges out there

Several other popular trading bots charge as high as $100/month but we charge less with maximum profit and automatic market analysis, trade entry and monitoring for maximum profit.

The stable coin used as the base asset for trading is USDT. This means to start trading on Autopilot, you need to fund your USDT wallet on Binance. Using a Stable coin like USDT as base asset allows us to measure success because of the volatile nature of other coins like Bitcoin and Alt coins

Nothing. They will remain as they are. Autopilot uses the USDT market pairing and enters trades with other coins, it will only sell the quantity it bought

Currently, you can only trade on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. Binance is one of the most popular exchange sites out there, and easy to use.

No! Autopilot is not designed to make you have a loss. Worst case scenario is a break-even.

Autopilot works on Bullish markets. This basically means it buys when the price of an asset is low and then sell when the price is high enough to make maximum profit on that trade through a trailing take-profit system.

Autopilot only trades coins with high or medium market cap. And if the analysis doesn't yield instantly, while you go about living your life doing your daily routines and having nothing to worry about, it'll hold your position for as long as it takes, hours or days. And because of the volatile nature of the crypto market, the price will always go back up! The beautiful thing is it keeps watch for you.

So, while the analysis is 80% accurate most of the time, giving you instant profit, it can still hold it 20% of the time for the price to reverse in your favor. How cool is that? In cases like this though, it's useful to have more than one entry, so that, even if it's holding a trade for you, it can continue on others. For example, you can have a capital of $300 and set your Bot to invest $100 on each trade. This would give you 3 entries at a time to start with.

Absolutely! After adding your Binance keys to your account on Autopilot, you can simply sit back and watch the app trade for you on simulation mode. This is called Paper Trading and your Binance funds won’t be touched

After seeing how it works, you can click on Live Mode button to trade with your real funds

While on simulation mode, you can see simulation trades on your trade view and a simulation overview on your dashboard, switching to Live Mode shows the corresponding records for Live Mode trading with real money

Yes you can. Sometimes you may want all open trades to close before the app should make new entries. In such cases, go to your Bot settings, and turn off trading. You can still leave the app on Live Mode to see your Live trading history including open trades, but no new entries will be made until you change the settings to allow accepting new entries

Autopilot has customer support that works 9am to 5pm GMT+1 weekdays. Individualized hand-holding when you need assistance.

Send us an email at

You can join our Telegram Channel:

If you're not trading with Autopilot, you're losing money.

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